Whether you are already home with your child(ren) from Taiwan, waiting for your child(ren) to come home from Taiwan, or awaiting a referral from Taiwan, you're in the right place!!!

TAIWAN R.O.C.ks was a dream in 2010, and a reality in 2011! In 2010, Jules left a comment on Lisa C.'s blog, which Tiffanie responded to, which turned into an e-mail chain with the addition of Lisa R. That e-mail chain was all about a reunion for Taiwan families. Four blogging Mamas who each have a child born in Taiwan turned that circle of comments and e-mails into this. . .TAIWAN R.O.C.ks (Reuniting Our Children for Kinship and Support).

If you missed the first event, be sure not to miss the SECOND ANNUAL TAIWAN R.O.C.ks Event!!! Hope to see you there. Mark your calendars!

July 27th-29th, 2012 in CHICAGO!!

Your Taiwan R.O.C.ks Team,

Lisa C. (Tyler's Mom) - 2012 Team Lead
Jules (Hayden's Mom)

Lisa R. (Paige's Mom)
Tiffanie (Gracyn's Mom)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't You HEART these??

If you're registered to attend the very first Taiwan ROCks Reunion, yay for you!! Each registrant gets a shirt of their choice at no additional cost!

If you're unable to attend, don't worry!!! You can still get one of these fabulous shirts, or two or three, for just $12 a piece plus $2 for S/H.

White Tee: "Boxy-T" Gilden brand available in size 2T to 6XL
Ladies' Red Tee: "Athletic cut/bit tapered" Gilden brand available in size XS to 3XL
Ladies' Red Fitted Tee: "Ribbed" available in size XS-2XL (runs small!)

Submit your order to: jrockaway1@gmail.com, by July 25th
E-mail Subject Line: (Your Last Name + T-Shirt ORDER)
In body of e-mail: Include quantity, style, size

Rocks Family T-Shirt Order
1 Fitted Red Tee, Size Small
1 White Tee, Size L
1 White Tee, Size 2T

Where applicable, shipping and payment will be worked out directly with Jules per order received.





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